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Psychiatrist, Board Certified Addictionologist

Caters to an international clientele and intensive therapeutic treatment

•  Marital Therapy

•  Individual & Group Psychotherapy

•  Depression

•  Anxiety

•  Grief and Loss

•  Trauma

•  Addictions

•  Crisis Management

•  Psychiatric and Medical Management



Counseling Psychologist, Psychotherapist

•   M.S. Clinical Community Counseling, specialization children & adolescent psychology

•   Ph.D. Psychology, specialization Family Psychology

•   Eating Disorder Pathology

•   School/Educational Psychology

•   Anxiety/Depression - Mood Disorders

•   Family Systems

•   Women’s issues: Codependency, relationships, self esteem, discovering purpose




Individual & Group Psychologist/Psychotherapist

•  Fluent in English, Portuguese, French & Spanish

•  Stress Management

•  Trauma (Trained in EMDR)

•  Conflict resolution and Anger Management

•  Grief

•  Anxiety

•  Depression

Adults only

Grace pic.jpg

Grace Plank 


Individual & Group Psychotherapist, Corporate Consultant, Trauma Specialist

•  Relationship (Couples, Blended Families, Family of Origin Issues)

•  Trauma (Certified Trauma Response Expert (personal, national disasters, etc.)

•  Anxiety/Depression

•  Addictions

•  Workplace issues

•  Employee Assistance Programs

•  CBT ( Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

•  MBTI Step III (Myers Briggs Type Inventory)

Adults Only


Dr. Kirk Christie



Consultant Psychiatrist and Substance Misuse Specialist.  

diagnosis and management of substance misuse disorders and co-occurring psychiatric disorders (dual diagnosis); problem and disordered gambling; behavioral disorders; mood disorders; anxiety disorders; phobias; post traumatic stress disorders; traumatic events; sleep disorders; obsessive compulsive disorders; somatoform and other related disorders; eating disorders; psychotic disorders; family and relationship problems.

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Dr. Daniel Lloyd



Dr. Daniel Lloyd is a professional Psychiatrist with years of experience in assessing and treating mental illnesses.

He completed his medical degree from The University of the West Indies Mona Campus in 2007 and Doctor of Medicine in Psychiatry, specialist training in 2022. Dr. Lloyd has been a registered member of the Bahamas Medical Council as a practicing physician since 2007. He currently works at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre with experience working on The Female and Male Psychiatric Services, Substance Abuse, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Service, and The Community Counseling and Assessment Centre, an outpatient psychiatric clinic.                 

He is highly passionate about mental health and is committed to assisting individuals in learning about proper mental health and removing the stigma associated with mental illness.

Dr. Lloyd has given various public presentations about mental wellness. In addition, he has done volunteer work, assisting with mental health recovery in communities affected by natural disasters, such as Hurricane Dorian in 2019. His focus is on helping individuals live their best life, which involves reaching their highest potential, coping with life’s daily stressors, and becoming productive members of the community.


Keva Bethell, MPH

Executive Assistant & Director of Research

Keva Bethell is an avid researcher with a Bachelor of Science in Biology (with a minor in Biochemistry) and a Master’s in Public Health. She has been inducted into the Xi chapter of Delta Omega Society, the public health honorary society. For the last eight years, she has been the Director of Research for ‘The Family: People Helping People’ project, a community based program offering free group therapy in inner city communities. Keva has published nine (9) papers in peer-reviewed academic journals. She has also copy-edited books authored by Dr. David Allen and in the last year has contributed chapters to two text books, one published by Intech Open and the other by Routledge.


Matthew Constantakis, M.Ed


Matthew has a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychotherapy from the University of Lynchburg in Virginia. Post-graduation, he developed his skills and expertise in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and other forms of psychotherapy while working with the adolescent, young, and older adult population. He utilizes his knowledge of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to help his clients develop and manage healthy relationships, build resilience through distress tolerance, strengthen emotional regulation, and improve quality of life through the use of mindfulness. Matthew has returned to his home in the Bahamas and is invested in promoting growth and healing within the Nassau community.

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