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The Renascence Institute International and The Discovery Clinic at
The Renascence Institute International, are excited to offer a full set of psychological services for the students, faculty, and parents of your school.
Students are facing a wide range of social, emotional and behavioral difficulties. If a child is suffering emotionally, they will not be able to learn in the classroom. Children also learn and process information differently. Not all teaching methods are effective for all children. Clinical and Counseling Psychologists help individuate treatment and teaching plans for the student - resulting in a much more positive and valuable school experience.
A primary goal of providing educational psychological services to schools is not only to provide services for students, faculty or parents experiencing a difficult time, but also to teach, train, and expose your community to PREVENTATIVE behavioral, emotional, and cognitive health techniques and plans.

Julia Faulconbridge, BPS (the British Psychological Society) Division of Clinical Psychology Child Lead and Review author said:


"In a climate of limited resource and rising demand there is clear and growing evidence that embedding psychological services in schools is an effective way of identifying and working with children and young people’s mental health needs. We believe psychologically healthy schools with support for the wellbeing of staff and students should be a priority.

"Schools can provide a setting in which we can work to improve the resilience and psychological wellbeing of children and young people to prevent the development of difficulties as well as intervening early when difficulties arise.”


“Education has not tended in the past to have systems equivalent to clinical supervision….– schools need help in developing these,” the report states.

“Training alone is not enough. Ongoing systems of consultation and advice for all staff and supervision for those undertaking a more formal therapeutic role are essential.”


“Around one in four pupils will show signs of mental ill-health at some stage. This means that as many as three children in every classroom could be experiencing psychological difficulties, the BPS states. Yet only 25 to 40 per cent of these pupils receive mental-health care early enough, or at all.”


Referenced from The British Psychological Society’s Review of the Best Practices in Psychological Services in Schools, Sept. 27th, 2017.

What is Educational Psychology?


Educational psychology is concerned with children and young people in educational and early years settings. Educational psychologists tackle challenges such as learning difficulties, social and emotional problems, issues around disability as well as more complex developmental disorders. They work in a variety of ways including observations, interviews and assessments and offer consultation, advice and support to teachers, parents, the wider community as well as the young people concerned. They research innovative ways of helping vulnerable young people and often train teachers, learning support assistants and others working with children.


-Definition by the British Psychological Society


The Renascence Institute International and The Discovery Clinic at The Renascence Institute International, have a full team of highly trained psychiatrists, clinical, counseling and school psychologists.


Team members specialties and areas of interest:


•      Individual, Group and Family Psychotherapy

•      Family Psychology

•      Developmental Psychology - expertise in children and adolescent psychology and therapeutic techniques

•      Clinical Psychology: Assessments, IEP (Individual Educational Plan)

•      Psychological disorders including but not limited to, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, grief, divorce, adjustment

•      Community Psychology and Counseling Interventions

•      Stress and Trauma Counseling

•      Crisis Intervention

•      Hypnosis

•      EMDR (Eye movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

•      Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

•      Biological interventions - medication


Services offered:


•      Consultation

•      Mediation

•      Clinical & Counseling Assessment

•      Faculty & Staff Training

•      Parent & Student workshops

•      Individual Education Plans and follow-up

•      Creative & Innovative Intervention

•      Individual & Group therapies

•      Special Needs services

•      Girls & Boys Group Counseling Classes or Clubs

•      Drug testing

•      Addiction treatment plans


How would this work?


The psychologist could come to the school and meet with students, faculty or parents on the school premises - or the individuals and/or groups could meet with the psychologist at our Sandyport offices.


Clinical testing would be conducted at our offices. Results of testing would be discussed with parents. Then the psychologist would come to school and meet with the teachers of the student to provide assistance and techniques best suited for the students’ needs.


School Psychological Services:

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