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The Discovery Clinic at The Renascence Institute International of Olde Towne, Sandyport, Nassau, Bahamas offers a range of psychological services that have been specially designed to support performance and wellbeing in the workplace.



An organization is only as good as its employees. Employees are increasingly exposed to heightened stress and anxiety due to work pressures, balance of work and family life, rapid technology innovation, personality conflicts due to team and management relationships, violence and security threats, addiction, natural disasters, financial pressures and traumatic events. When ignored or not addressed, these problems can become overwhelming and eventually will impact job performance.


Supervisors and managers are asked to balance the needs of their employees while ensuring the smooth running of the organization, which can be difficult at best.


A local Employee Assistance Program provided by highly trained, experienced psychiatrists and psychologists allows for the organization to continue reaching its vital vision and mission goals, while supporting the inevitable emotional, behavioral and cognitive needs of its employees.


Team members specialties and areas of interest:


•      Individual, Group and Family Psychotherapy

•      Addiction: Substance Abuse, Gambling, Pornography, Eating etc.

•      Rehabilitation

•      Family Psychology

•      Developmental Psychology - expertise in variety of stages of development and the appropriate

        therapeutic techniques

•      Clinical Psychology: Assessments & Diagnostic Testing

•      Psychological disorders including but not limited to, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, grief,

        divorce, adjustment

•      Community Psychology and Counseling Interventions

•      Trauma Counseling

•      Crisis Intervention

•      Grief Therapy

•      Therapeutic Hypnosis

•      EMDR (Eye movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

•      Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

•      Biological interventions - medication



Services offered:


•      Consultation

•      Mediation

•      Clinical & Counseling Assessment

•      Manager & Staff Training

•      Employee workshops

•      Leadership Training

•      Anger Management

•      Stress & Anxiety Management

•      Creative & Innovative Intervention

•      Individual & Group therapies

•      Special Needs services

•      Drug testing

•      Addiction treatment plans (outpatient & inpatient)

•      Value of Service on the Job



How would this work?


Psychological services can be rendered in a variety of different ways. For training, workshops, leadership, and/or service oriented training, psychologists could come to the organization, offering a convenient, cost and time effective option.


For individual therapy and/or counseling, our confidential, private offices located in Lagoon Court, Olde Towne, Sandyport are available.


Clinical testing would be conducted at our offices. Results of testing would be discussed with the individual employee and/or his/her family if necessary.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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