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Dr. Marie Allen

Clinical Director

Dr. Marie Allen is a counseling psychologist, individual and group psychotherapist, researcher, trainer, teacher, and curriculum developer. She feels as though she were destined for the world of psychology, having a psychiatrist as a father who instead of asking, “How was your day”, would greet the family with “What’s on your heart?”.  She diverted from the field of psychology to pursue her BA in English Literature from The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia – and while she is fully entrenched in the field of psychology and psychotherapy, to this day, she loves delving into the tremendous connection between great literature and the human psyche. 

In 1996, Dr. Marie (as she is commonly called), followed her passion and pursued counseling and psychology at Johns Hopkins University where she acquired her Masters in Clinical Community Counseling with an emphasis in child and adolescent psychology.  Seeing children and adolescents thrive so well during therapeutic intervention but then deteriorate when returned to their dysfunctional family situation, she returned to school to earn her Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in Family Psychology to be better equipped to work with the family system. In 1999, she returned to The Bahamas and was excited to pursue her doctorate through Capella University which she received in 2004.

Dr. Marie has recently opened The Discovery Clinic at The Renascence Institute in Olde Towne, Sandyport, Nassau, Bahamas. The Discovery Clinic is a place to discover one’s potential and purpose through individual and group psychotherapy. Dr. Marie firmly believes that each of us has a true self that has been pushed down due to pain. The anxiety, depression, eating disorder pathology, codependency, grief, anger, perfectionism etc that we experience are often a result of biological and/or situational circumstances that are blocking one’s life fulfillment.

Dr. Marie is also the Director of Training and Curriculum Development for The Family Program. The Family Program is a research driven, evidence based program which provides free group therapy to marginalized communities throughout the Bahamas.  A key component of The Family program is the assertion that in order to reach people nationally and internationally, community members need to be trained in the role of Family Group Facilitators.  Dr. Marie developed, and is currently implementing, the Family Group Facilitator Training curriculum.  Thus far quantitative and qualitative data have demonstrated significant decrease in violence, anger and need for revenge in persons attending The Family groups.

Dr. Marie’s current research projects include The Family Program and its impact on re-socializing, shame based, fragmented individuals and families; examining how Dr. David Allen’s Contemplative Discovery Pathway Theory  relates to the psychology literature; the integration of spirituality and therapy; cultural influences on body image dissatisfaction; and the impact of media on individuals and their relationships . Her passion is to continue helping people everywhere. “ As a therapist, teacher, researcher, and trainer in the field of psychology, I strive to use my personal experience and the experiences of others, to help people move from their shame based false self towards the discovery of their true self based in love”.

In 2005 Dr. Marie was invited to become an adjunct faculty member at The College of The Bahamas in the School of Education as a Professor of Counselor Education.  From 2008 - 2011, she joined the faculty of The College of The Bahamas as full-time Assistant Professor of Psychology. In 2012, she accepted the position of School Psychologist at the International IB World School in The Bahamas where she worked until June 2017. 

Dr. Marie is passionate about her family, friendships, nature, reading, writing and embracing lifelong learning. Her place of serenity is the beach - her "thin space" between Heaven and Earth, and her saving grace is her Faith based relationship with God.

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